132 Years of Thailand Hammock

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"It's antique craftmanship furniture."

132 Years of Thailand Hammock

In 1834 during the reign of King Rama III, Lt.Col Phra Phichaidetudom the earliest ancestor of the Junlasukhon, the surname conferred by the king, moved from “Saint Francis Xavier” area in Bangkhen and settled in Songphinong District of Suphanburi Province. This was when the history of the Songphinong’s Hammock began. Mr. Yang Sangkharat, the first-level descendant had made his hammock in 1883 and the knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation to Miss Ruenkaew Sangkharat, the present descendent. To this day the family has still been weaving high quality seamless hammocks that combine comfort and durability.

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece"

Charles Reade 

Every process is meticulously performed by craftsmen with over a decade of experience. The hammock is woven in one piece and the whole production takes about 1–4 weeks.

We use rope that is over 3 km long and with our special weaving techniques turning it into more durable, stronger hammocks compared with others. The rope must be braided correctly throughout. Only one small mistake means we have to start it over again from the beginning. Otherwise, it is considered as a flawed product. That way we can guarantee our quality as well as delicate patterns. Every hammock has a warranty card and quality certificate with its serial number to trace the origin of the product such as the name of the craftsman.

Unique Characteristics of Thai Hammock


The ancient art of Thai hammock weaving has been handed down for so long that it could be one of the longest-lasting records in history. Among many weaving patterns “Ekkarong” is believed to offer the softest texture and be the most durable one. Not many craftsmen can braid in this pattern as it is not easy to weave rope together into one seamless piece.  Not even a minor mistake is allowed for this over 132-year-old, impeccable pattern passed on in the craftsmen's families.

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