Every Step Counts


The process begins from the selection of high grade materials and rope making. Our rope is made from 100% cotton threads with high elasticity so it is strong, soft, and safe with no chemical added to irritate skin.
























































Wood: Only premium hardwood is selected and top coated with transparent coating to reveal the beautiful wood textures.

100% stainless steel nuts

Rust-resistant even the hammock stays near the sea

Wooden covers for the beauty sake

Hook: They are specially designed and produced by EZ Hammock and made from rust-free stainless steel. The maximum weight is up to 300 kg. 

All materials must be examined by our quality control team to ensure that production standards are achieved.

100% cotton rope, approx. 3 km long

With cooperation between a team of architects and engineers, a premium woven hammock from EZ Hammock was developed from a 130-year-old prototype.