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Color: White Cloud

Color : Black Pearl

Available in

2 Colors

Color: White Cloud

Color: Black Pearl

Every hammock consists of three patterns to achieve a beautiful, elegant look and functional benefits.


Outer pattern    :   closely woven to attach to the wooden post; focusing on elasticity

Inner pattern    :   a loose pattern for better weight support

Middle pattern  :   a looser pattern for better ventilation to prevent sweating on the back; the most

                                comfortable pattern to lie down


*Hammock      : Noble Cozy Model

  Designed by Professional Architect, Mr. Pornlert Makaramanee

Deluxe Size W 1.1 x L 2.6 m.

Hammock & Day Bed

The hammock is so comfortable, making everyday a holiday and enjoy the five-star resort atmosphere at home.

Superior Size W 1.5 x L 2.8 m.

Hammock & Sofa

This combination piece is designed for couples or family to share the moment of relaxation such as watching TV series together. It allows you to lie down in the traditional and horizontal position.

President Size W 1.8 x L 2.8 m.

Hammock & Bed

The hammock is 6 feet wide, a perfect family hammock, designed to enhance sleep quality and to prevent back pain.

*All sizes are designed to support up to 300 kg.

We Design for Life Solution.


Forget the old tradition of finding posts

It can be set up anywhere


Not only are our hammocks designed with beauty and luxury in mind, but they are also made to serve human nature because EZ Hammock considers understanding life very important for our design culture. Each process must meet our safety standards and the products must receive good satisfaction rates among the sample group.



A swinging head to swing

oneself to sleep

A sturdy design with

“supporting string”

endures heavy weight to

help the elderly get up easily.

Large piece of wood, width 2”x4”

Maximum weight over 300 kg

Serves all needs

Applicable with all sizes of hammock

Stainless steel bolts

Rust-free with wooden covers,

Attach the covers to the hammock stand

Width: 1.60 m

Length: 3.40–4.20 m

Height: 1.80 m

Average weight: 40 kg

*Made to Order: custom-made hammock stands available


*Hammock Stand

  Designed by professional engineer, Mr. Suntad Noiperm

Plus Function Accessory

Unlimited happiness can be obtained by adding some EZ Hammock’s quality accessories that match your lifestyle.


Protecting Roof

Whether it rains or shines, there is no need to worry about soaking or getting sunburns with EZ Hammock’s fancy roof.



Comfy Pillow

Provide neck support while napping or taking a break in a swing





Side Table to attach with the pole

Grab favorite snack easily or keep your tablet and other devices next to you



A Pair of Handmade Lamps

Antique wooden lamps dangling on the post illuminate the night and increase romantic ambience.

Phone Charging Dock

Do not miss all opportunities your smart devices can offer, just attach the dock to the stand