Innovative Product! Self Swinging


The world’s first Self Swing System (SSS) by EZ Hammock is developed by a Thai. It is easy to swing and requires less effort no matter what weight it is carrying. This allows everyone to enjoy the pleasure of hammock even those who stay at home alone.

Swing Head for self-swing function

Developed by EZ Hammock

Anti-Flip System


The EZ Hammock’s technology for safety was developed by solving proportions to get the right hammock shapes and they have been tested countless times by our experts.

Time to trade in your mattress

And Back Pain for a hammock?


Who loves sleeping in a hammock? Most answers are yes as the hammock is not only soft and comfortable to sleep in but also good for your back health. Back pain, a symptom that is often neglected, may derive from a mattress that is too soft or too hard. A huge chunk of budget was spent on researches but who knows that the solution is so simple and right in front of us. The hammock was invented centuries ago, dating back 500 years to the Maya period. Today, it is still widely used. The study has confirmed that hammocks are good for your back and help you sleep better. They even beat many expensive mattresses. But how? Thanks are due to the elasticity of tightly woven fibers that can support full body’s weight. But not all hammocks are the same. A hammock made from ordinary rope can be too soft or too hard which may decrease the elasticity of it and may not support weight of entire body’s structure. EZ Hammock therefore combines three weaving patterns for the best quality.